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A world where digital play brings out the best in humanity.

Vivid Descriptions of our Vision

Billions of players engage their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength in our games.

Our games will accelerate the industry to make it a typical experience for players all over the world to see themselves represented in diverse and meaningful ways.

100 years from now our brand will be well known for the most resonant digital play experiences created with the highest level of quality in the world.


Create a game studio that drives the game industry’s transition to making AAA games featuring historically underrepresented people.

How we work matters to us just as much as what we work on. What follows is the foundation of our culture.



Games are for everyone. Everything, from our hiring practices to the games we create to the player community we want to attract, reflects our mission to bring diverse voices and talent to the table.

Work, life synergy. We go beyond balancing between a work self and a personal self. By making safe space for us to bring all of who we are to work, extraordinary things happen.

Deep work and adaptability. Informed by deep expertise with Lean and Agile practices, we prioritize uninterrupted work, performance over process, software excellence, and building teams of specialized individuals with cross-functional skills.

Keep learning, keep growing. We’re constantly investing in learning, growing, gaining, sharing, and applying knowledge to make us better.

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Highly competitive compensation. We offer a base salary and equity.

100% remote. Work from anywhere in the US, Canada, or Mexico.

Flexible hours. We care about results, not time spent at your desk. By leveraging best practices in asynchronous work, we maintain a few core meeting hours and a four-day work week, every week.

Excellent healthcare. You, your spouse/domestic partner, and dependents are fully covered. We also offer FSA options.

Open PTO. Fulfill work responsibilities and take time off whenever you want to.

You belong in games

We’re looking for people who bring multiple skill sets to the craft and development of games (aka T-shaped individuals). If that sounds like you, please fill out the form below with a resume (LinkedIn profile works), cover letter, portfolio if applicable —and if you’re up to it, introduce yourself with a Loom!

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