1. Why Are You Called Wildseed Games?


    It has layers. It’s our way of honoring the great sci-fi writer Octavia E. Butler. Wild Seed, the first book in a series about an epic power struggle between immortal, mythological beings that create communities of superhumans. It also speaks to our intention to grow something valuable and special in the game industry that spreads like wild!

  2. What's The Logo All About?


    Our Enzo Wolf is named Tao. It fuses two concepts behind our approach to the work of making games. The Wolf symbolism and meaning includes loyalty, family and friendship, teamwork, protection, wildness, freedom, instincts, playfulness, and other noble traits. The Enso circle symbolizing a moment when the body and spirit are free from the mind to simply create.

  3. When Is Your Game Launching?


    That’s underwraps for now, but we’re currently hiring for pre-production.

  4. Is This Four-Day Work Week Thing Just A 40-Hour Work Week Crammed Into Four Days?


    Heck no, that defeats the real goal and sounds miserable to us. We know from experience that when deep work is prioritized, less time is wasted in the “shallows” and less time is needed for teams to achieve their goals.

  5. Do You Have A Bunch Of Meetings Every Week?


    Nope. We constantly put meetings through a crucible before they can go on anyone’s calendar. We’re pro-minimum meetings required, so everyone can focus on their contributions to achieve their team’s goals.

  6. Is This What You Mean By “Deep Work”?


    Yes, the minimal meetings and shorter work weeks are some examples of how we prioritize deep work, a term coined by computer science professor Cal Newport. This practice helps us minimize distractions, focus on high-impact work, and sustain our productivity levels through intentional use of work and free time. You can learn more about deep work in this guide.

  7. Which Work Tools Do You Use?


    We’re always experimenting with great tools to support our workstyle. Currently, those that have made the cut are Slack, Favro, Loom, Google Workspace, and Perforce.

  8. I’m Interested In Joining As A [Role], But It’s Not Listed.


    Submit anyway! We sometimes hire for unlisted roles if there’s a great fit and opportunity.

  9. I’m Interested In Joining As A [Role], But I Don’t Have Enough Experience.


    We hire for passion, problem solving ability, and skill set. If that sounds like you, please apply.



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